perfectwishing True 4y
  •   mauraeckard YOU. ARE. 4y
  •   perfectwishing ... 4y
  •   perfectwishing Thanks... 4y
  •   leahpanz You think your so fat , right ? Your not . You f---- king perfect ! And I saw the photos . You don't need to cry or cut or anything . I'm here . And gods by my side and I'll pray for you . <3 my week has been really bad . I cried on my birthday and all this week . I'm in so much pain . But it probably from my friends pain ending ... Listen . I know what your feeling . I have a big story too . Your not alone anymore . Your shy ? I am too . Afraid of a lot ? I am too . Have Terrible stories ? Tell me . And KIK. Me ;; broadwaystar2 4y

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