jansieblom Staan by my, my bra, staan by my! Skouer aan skouer! Sy aan sy! Ek sien, ek sien, ek sien die verste anderkant. Fire in the sky #aloe #aloes #mainbeach #dolphinbeach #jeffreysbay #easterncape #southafrica #blueskies 4y
  •   jansieblom Cold turkey? Ek verkies KFC. 4y
  •   jansieblom @crazieblu wat praat jy? Jy one-up my al klaar! 4y
  •   ohhlookabunny KFC!!!!!!! :) hahahahaha..... Jansie I passed a chicken place (church's chicken) and thought of you today! AND I sang "French" (I put quotes because If you heard me sing it, it prolly didn't sound it! and being hoarse didn't help :/ ) .... :) 4y
  •   jansieblom @ohhlookabunny we had a church's in jbay many many years ago. For some reason it just died. They made a wicked jalapeño cheese bomber. Sheesh those those things are nice. 4y
  •   jansieblom French? Hoarse? Yes, you're right! The French do eat hoarse meat! 4y
  •   jansieblom @crazieblu dude, IG is at least beter as Footbook. Ten minste is daar skill involved. EN men's leer by ander mense. So bly op IG. Jou pics is nice. 4y
  •   jansieblom @crazieblu dat's de spirit ou girl! 4y

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