•   attorres3 She kinda looks like Demi lavato 2y
  •   xcaassie Hi lottie I know you prob won't read this but what the heck. Ok you are like the most prettiest girl I have ever seen you are like so freaking pretty and most girls prob try to get you to notice them cause of your brother Louis and I'm not saying he isn't great he is amazing but I just want you to see this cause I love you for who you are not because you are Louis's little sister it's because of how much of a great person you are and today is my birthday so yeah:) and I just want to say like thanks for being freaking amazing love you Lottie <3 2y
  •   _maddyfrederick_ I agree I don't care if bother is Louis ur my inspiration 2y
  •   busekorkmaz At first glance I though that was Demi Lovato 2y
  •   farmiga_ Me too @busekorkmaz 2y
  •   cutecurlzstyles It was be awesome to be ur friend ahh lol 2y
  •   morgancozzolino youre beautiful 2y
  •   fairycakes211 what happened to your friend Leah lottie?!!!!!! 2y

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