bray123 “One person's weed is another person's wildflower.” 3y
  •   phani9ast I have been trying these kinds of shots in manual setting with the least aperture value on my lens at 5 and a higher shutter speed. So that is really giving a lot of depth. You should try it too. This one is pretty close to what I have in my mind but just checking if you already do it that way. I hope you didnot mind. 3y
  •   bray123 @darchj thanks a lot 3y
  •   bray123 @phani9ast thanks yaar, I will try out the manual mode too... This was in av mode with the shallowest dof I could get 3y
  •   phani9ast You seem to be doing it right already. Get a 1.8 fixed focal length if you are interested. The paper fold pic was using that lens. Just took my pictures to the next level. I did not buy it yet, but I borrowed it from a friend of mine. Just a beautiful piece of lens to have. 3y
  •   bray123 @phani9ast oh, paper fold pic was awesome... I am still planning ( forever, right?) to buy a lens... I was thinking of 18-200 mm lens, as a single use lens... Do you have any idea whether I would get good macro with that? I mean, a reasonable low f value? 3y
  •   phani9ast Ha ha. Forever is always a while! 18 - 200? Is it a new lens? Macro with a lens with such huge range , mmm, I have my doubts. But I always use my $10 macro lenses that fit right over the lens and I am very satisfied with them. For zoom, I think 18 - 200 should be an all rounder!! I didnot even know that there was this lens until now. I have a lot of catching up to do. But I can tell you that it can go amax of two f stops lower and not more than that. (around 3 or 3.5). I am curious to find out more about this. It should be a convenient one time lens for everyday shooting I suppose. 3y
  •   bray123 @phani9ast yeah, I guess for convenience that should be great! I won't want to carry heavy lenses while traveling, for sure ... So am looking for one stop solution but, your 1.8 lens is sounding so good 3y
  •   du_rocha Wow...your gallery is fantastic!!! 3y

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