kimpoyfeliciano CHUBBY CHEEKS!! :))) 3y
  •   yshaalcon you're so handsome!! i want to see you personally! when will you go here in the Philippines again? your dimples so cutee :") 3y
  •   mariahhhchloeeeann Why so gwapo ? 3y
  •   avjlo5 3y
  •   pbiancab Awesome. Such a cutie. 3y
  •   xxivanne Gwapo mo po.. 3y
  •   princessgaba @kimpoyfeliciano how does it feel na patay na patay sayo ang mga babae? Haha. 3y
  •   thatgirl_irish You kinda look like elmo magalona because of the chubby cheeks and the hair the eyes and the hot smoking smile:))) but all of this I mean it in the nice way ok:)) 3y
  •   fayesantiago 3y

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