anajkay Mac daddy make u ..... 2y
  •   neeshnation Yo!!!! I freakin love you!!! Lol that's how I eat my pancakes n everyone makes funny of me but they def don't know what their missing!!! A+ for that!!! Lol 2y
  •   anajkay @campollo hahah!! I never catch till now!!! 2y
  •   anajkay @raven_nevermore yes...I was speechless too ! Lol 2y
  •   anajkay @tinypeople nothing tiny about those pancakes!!! 2y
  •   anajkay @wantonio sure do! But heck only one stack of a medium sized triangle and I was full! Lol 2y
  •   anajkay @nappyneesh Hahahha!!! You're hilarious!!! Let them folks miss out...more for us!!!! 2y
  •   attosa 2y
  •   anajkay @attosa lol!!! Right!!! 2y

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