dailycandynyc 1 outfit, 2 denim dilemmas. Are you a supporter of the Canadian tux and why do some jeans always make you look like an excited 13 year old boy? Discuss. 3y
  •   jhatt19 Look at those locks 3y
  •   shoptiques Hah if you are a 13 yr old boy, I've got a crush! You're killin it girl! 3y
  •   boccesbakery Can we discuss that iphone cover instead? love!!! 3y
  •   chloetouran Totally cute! 3y
  •   yourcoffeebreak As long as its different denim, then it's okay! 3y
  •   pencilshavings Your hair! So gorgeous! 3y
  •   evewerth Where'd you get that phone cover!!!???! 3y
  •   pr0925 You look so cute :) 3y

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