aliciakeys Last review..... 4y
  •   eliza_haney I love if I aint got you. I really love you and your music. Your beautiful in every single way and I know you won't respond to this, but you are my big time idol in life. I look up to you and I love your voice. You are one of a kind and dont let anybody tell you different. I know you're not perfect... Not even close, but no one is... We're all far from perfect but Alicia I'm your biggest fan and I know you probably get that a lot but it's true. You are beautiful inside and out and you express that through your music and I love your voice and your so pretty and I love you. You are one of a kind and a very special person and never ever forget that. Don't let anyone bring you down :) ps my username is from one of your songs. I know you won't respond cause you have a lot of things to do... Thanks for reading this <3 4y
  •   chinagirl601 God Bless U @aliciakeys yer a true angel n I'm with @everything_means_nothing she practically said it all there-tnx @everything_means_nothing I love her so much-she's a true angel.... 4y
  •   coleone69 U are truly love aways all smiles;) 4y
  •   juliusrd13 U r the best ever 4y

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