maxnosleeves People are always all "Yo Max where'd you get those sweet pants?" And I'm all "uh... 2004?" 3y
  •   star0dawn Hr 3y
  •   ytran2004 Ha! Used to have those 3y
  •   michiepie24 @christine_walters hahaha so do i 3y
  •   jamskateaddiction lol my guy friend had those on in class and he ripped them off it wa so funny 3y
  •   slim_catie I have those pants... :-3 3y
  •   cirsayyy I love how this is in the #angl fitting rooms 3y
  •   neesyv You remind me of Mac from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 3y
  •   mooey13 I remember always wanting pants like those. My family wasn't rich but once I got my allowance I saved up and bought a pair lol. 3y

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