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oscar_o_c I #HATE this game with a #Passion! Why did i buy it? Cause everybody else did ! Haha #fml mW3 #sucks 2y
  •   frogchinreturns Why thank you! My sister picked iy 2y
  •   frogchinreturns It* 2y
  •   oscar_o_c @frogchinreturns haha well shes creative! 2y
  •   itshakedtime You know what game is still awesome? BF 2 with the project reality mod. This is what I'm talking about! 2y
  •   big___papa_ @geo_lenino dude just play it more u will get use to it thats what i did remember i use to hate that game 2y
  •   oscar_o_c @itshakedtime i heard bro but my friend said that nobody plays bf2 multiplayer anymore? 2y
  •   oscar_o_c @geo_lenino u never hated Cod man! I would buy it to play with u and play zombies... 2y
  •   itshakedtime I know that in PR you can get up to 250 players in a server. And they are making a lot of events with a lot of players 2y

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