•   korbevox So clean those rims go damn good! 3y
  •   impalastuntin @korb2g thanks bro ya I love the chrome mitsu wheels with the blue! Your 2g is fuckin sexy too I had a 97 gst before it was real clean 3y
  •   korbevox That's tight! I need to get a 1g!! 3y
  •   impalastuntin I love them not a lot of people know what they are, I want a 2gb talon for a daily really bad 3y
  •   ferraripet2 I'm either getting a 1g next or Evo or maybe a 2gb gsx perhaps clean 1g though man. 3y
  •   impalastuntin Honestly go with an evo they break way less often and are just built better you won't have the dsm headaches with an evo I have friends that switched to an evo and say they never looked back 3y

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