mistercap To This 2y
  •   _babydaddy_ @mistercap i fly solo...taylor gang my nigga 2y
  •   massimofuschi Fav raps. No one better then wizy. My whole summer was what wizy do. Roll flush and bun. Love mistercap. Love em till he's gone. 1y
  •   jazzyjass_tgod2013 Only nigga in first claaasssss. 1y
  •   pige__craven @mistercap congrats on the success. We met a couple years ago, im multi talented an i was wondering if i can get a shot to get on ya roster. I know u got the gang all set but i garuntee if giving a chance i can help the team 1y
  •   hippielyfe93 Wiz fly me out to the studio with you I'm much more then a rapper I was born with a real talent!!!! Put a young nigga on mane!! 1y
  •   stengueneral0v Dope 10mon
  •   dylan_hasnoswag Wiz can we chat bruh 1mon

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