cato_clovers_thg Chapter 2: I get to class and Taylor runs to the bow and arrow station she is the beast at that. I just walk around and I get on the computer to see how smart u are and I get 100% like always and Taylor says its a gift. I eat lunch with Toby and Taylor and we start a food fight. When it's done we get in trouble and are forced to clean it up. When we finally get done we go back into training. I now go to try to use a knife and I get the leg and I aimed for the heart. I see people laughing and I realize that Sydney my brothers girlfriend is to. I run home crying with ray,Toby,and Taylor following behind so I run upstairs and lock my door. I cry and cry until I cant anymore so I walk downstairs and every one is waiting for me. Toby sees me and gives me the biggest hug and I hug back. Next ray asked me what happened so I told him and he runs out side slamming the door. I freak out but Toby holds me down and taylor says she will find him. Now my parents go to bed and it's just me and Toby. "Jackie" he says "I love you" he says as he leans down and kisses me. I kiss him back and say "I love you to" then we hug. Right as we pull away they walk In and ray runs upstairs and I hear a slam. I then see Taylor "he went over to Sydney's and broke up with her and got in a fight and she slapped my arm" Taylor said showing a big bruse. I run over to her and give her ice. We settle and we decide to watch a movie so Toby puts his arm around me and we start the movie I'm the middle of the movie Toby kisses me and I smile. "are you to dating??" she says "I guess we are" I say "how long" "just today after you left" Toby says "u to r cute together I'm glad" she says and I'm now happy. I put my head on his chest and fall asleep 2y

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