frocksandfroufrou A day off from the hospital. It's good to see a smile on her face 3y
  •   poppysoir Lovely smile. Awful circumstances :( 3y
  •   ollierocks Sending well wishes. X 3y
  •   laurenskyestudio So sorry to hear that. Sending positive vibes. 3y
  •   inthelightofthesun So sorry to hear that. Sending you all positive thoughts and get well soon wishes x 3y
  •   jodes_i_am Sending lots of love to you all xx 3y
  •   caddiel Get well soon 3y
  •   perfect.flaws79 That smile has gotten more beautiful over the years Sending lots of healing and fighting vibes - that cancer has chosen the wrong person; it's in for one hell of a KO! 3y
  •   deerdonna Oh goodness I am so sorry to hear that @lillipilli1978 xxxxx big hugs to you and your beautiful sis too xxxxx 3y

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