datelinenbc Behind the scenes: @dateline_keith on #Dateline #Chatline 2y
  •   jgrouch I look forward to Friday nites, and hanging with Dateline. 2y
  •   lilly_sacarello Great story of forgiveness! 2y
  •   lizdueweke Keith is the man. 2y
  •   __miss_sophie__ I cried <3 Lidia is amazing!!!! 2y
  •   __miss_sophie__ And Keith.. Love you too! 2y
  •   n8tive007 Story well done 2y
  •   dlovesrich Great story tonite!! Luv, luv the show a fav of mine. 2y
  •   andi6alla6her Best Dateline yet! But why did Travis text Kenia, did he think know one would think anything of it?! 2y

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