xbleedingx Starter ready to make rye bread with sourdough #sourdough #motherdough #rye #bread #baking #vegan 3y
  •   veganbear @alessioxvx I'm coming to London on the 26th and going to meet up with the girls and Derek, you should join us? 3y
  •   xbleedingx @veganbear sure, I should be able to make it :) 3y
  •   bittersweetvegan @alessioxvx @veganbear woooow!!!! I can't wait anymore!!! 3y
  •   bittersweetvegan Alessio how is the experiment going? Now I want to try too... 3y
  •   xbleedingx @saravegan the starter is ok but the bread I made failed to cook inside for some reason even though it rose for about 10 hours. I might have to increase the quantity of sourdough.. But it may have been the weather as well. If you want some starter I can bring you some next weekend? 3y

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