lucaslink @nickspud saw fit to deem me "legendary". A term I probably wouldn't use to describe myself but what the heck! Compliments are lovely. An interview with yours truly has been posted to Check out the site, there are some incredible interviews up with some of your favourite instagrammers and some future faves. Thanks again Nick! 4y
  •   lucaslink @elixir818 thanks man. awesome design/direction work btw. caught your website. good stuff. 4y
  •   hroseh Oh I have been waiting for this!!!! Yes! 4y
  •   hroseh Oh my! That was so so so good!!! I think it's crazy that someone I only know through a free app feels like a pal, but I'm going with it! I adored everything you said Lucas! All the mom love, that was really awesome! You're a good boy, your mom must be super stoked on you! I'm excited to know my grown up kids! I hope they're as well spoken and caring as you! Dude, so awesome!!!!!!!!!! 4y
  •   lucaslink @hroseh aw! Those are some nice compliments rose! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for being your sweet self. 4y
  •   arielbabalao 4y
  •   houseoffriedman @lucaslink awesome man! How did I miss this?! Anyways, congrats. 4y
  •   nicolealinelegault Congrats Lucas! 4y
  •   greteleyes Cool it looks like an eyeball from afar 3y

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