kyliejenner Getting a Guitar lesson from @sprandoni on his pink guitar 4y
  •   fashionlovverrr @lexiraquel I'm trying to get these shoes but I have no idea what brand, or store to get them. Could you help me out and give me some info on them please? 3y
  •   bethea_2 I love her 3y
  •   mymai_ @zoeyektai 3y
  •   mymai_ It was awhile back so iono if they're still on there. But it was only $35 3y
  •   mayceemaud I totally used to have a pink guitar!! I loved it! 3y
  •   hippieladyy @kyliejenner YOU ARE MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PERSON!!!! Not even just a creep fan. Seriously just adore your style & totally jealous of your fantastic hair. Btw, you have a SHIT TON of photos!! Hahaha, that is all! Lol. 2y
  •   amber.delson 9mon

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