stryphjones My younger sister is finally a lawyer schwag 2y
  •   kidcrisis Wow. Congrats to her. Its amazing to see black women actually making something of themselves. 2y
  •   stryphjones Exactly bruh, success runs in the's almost my time to show out #bet 2y
  •   bee__rose Its nice to see women in general coming up. Weve come a long way w a long way to go. Congrats to her 2y
  •   alex_cor My dream!! congrats!!! 2y
  •   hmamkeadan Oh she's. Cute <3 ! 2y
  •   hmamkeadan Did she have kik or instagram ,? 2y
  •   clinesbox @stryphjones Congrats to your Sister. You CAN ne proud of her. I'm a lawyer too in France. Justice is in women's hands 2y

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