•   mmiller27 It too late! Aha. I already have a leopard gecko i don't think i'd be allowed another one 3y
  •   geckoholic_lewis One gecko is never enough lol i have 19 @mmiller27 3y
  •   mmiller27 Jesus! Haha are they all in seperate tanks or do you have them together ?? Gosh my parents would never let me do that. 3y
  •   geckoholic_lewis They all have their own tanks, for the most part. I keep my females together and males separate. They wont even let you have just one more :/ @mmiller27 3y
  •   mmiller27 Okay that makes sense , and noo prolly not 3y
  •   geckoholic_lewis Dang that sucks, well hopefully one day you will be able to get yourself a crested gecko :) @mmiller27 3y
  •   chromatopse I am so inspired by all of your photos of all of your geckos and lizards someday hope to do the same with my life in caring for these gorgeous creatures 3y
  •   geckoholic_lewis wow thank you :) i appreciate that so much! Im just glad my geckos have touched the souls of so many people :D @kristenlovesgeckos 3y

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