•   chriswindmusic @ultimaterihanna Hey! Even though I'd like to hear this from @badgalriri herself one day, I need a favor: I'm reaching out to people who know her personally, or really care about her. I know it sounds silly, but I recently found out from an astrological chart http://ow.ly/c6gPy that I was very compatible with her. Even if I don't end up dating her, I use this as motivation to expect better for myself in life, and push myself in music until I'm at least WORTHY of Rihanna. I'm asking those close to her to criticize me and be brutally honest on every aspect of my life as it relates to Robyn's preferences/needs so that I can improve myself. So far, the people I've asked to do this have been surprisingly supportive! lol It may look like a long shot, but I remember once sitting in my college dorm making beats, sampling George Clinton and P-Funk; two months later, I met him randomly in Dillard's and worked with him for 2 years. Same with Janelle Monae; a friend introduced me to her music one day; three months later, I meet her in NY, and have been friends with her team ever since. If nothing else, this will be a great learning experience for me, and the people who look up to me. Please leave a comment on @chriswindmusic on Instagram or Twitter, find me on FB /chriswindmusic or email me at chriswindmusic@gmail.com. Thanks and pass it on! 3y
  •   tiffjxany Luv that song 3y
  •   cleo.patravii Wat is dit cellulitis kont @jeffreybentley 3y

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