1d_forevaa part 21 the only thing I'm posting today 3y
  •   1d_forevaa After sound check, the opening act went out onto the stage and began to perform. "So where are you gonna be during the show?" asked Louis. I shrugged too intrigued with playing with Lux. "Uhh, next to my dad I think.. why?" "No reason," said Louis suspiciously. I didn't think anything of it though. "So you like kids?" asked Liam. I nodded unable to hold back a smile, "I love kids. I work at a youth center back home." "Really?" asked a surprised Harry. "Yeah, I'm a counselor and coach. It's mostly for troubled kids and the kids that have nowhere to go. You'd be amazed by the struggles they've been through, I know I am. A lot of them have made bad mistakes and given up, it's my job to remind them that there's still good in the world. I love my job," I explained. "No way.. you're sensitive. You care about those kids," said Harry. I laughed, "I'm sensitive but I'm not emotional. And of course I care about them, I care about a lot of things." "Do you care about us?" asked Niall with a stupid smile on his face. "I'm here aren't I? I thought it was obvious that I care about you guys," I laughed. "Awwe," said Louis, "we care about you too." All of them pulled me into a group hug, "you guys are fags. Don't squish Lux!" I laughed as I shielded the baby. "We won't squish her," said Zayn as he hugged tighter. "You guys are killing me," I said breathlessly and then they let me go. Moments after, they got called onto the stage. I gave Lux to Lou and stood up with the boys. I gave them each a kiss on the cheek and wished them good luck, saving Niall for last, "knock 'em dead," I whispered. He gave me a sweet kiss on the forehead and ran out onto the stage. 3y
  •   1d_forevaa I went to find my dad and stood in the gap with the bodyguards as I listened to them. They weren't that bad, this was the first time I was hearing all their songs and I was kinda impressed. They were getting to an intermission where they started reading tweets and when they were done Louis started to speak. "How would you guys like to meet a special girl?" "Yeah, the newest member to the 1D family!" said Harry excitedly. Before I knew it, I was being pushed towards backstage. Liam ran towards me and dragged me onto the stage. "This is Sami, she's Paul's daughter!" yelled Zayn. As soon as Zayn said Paul, the crowd went wild. Since when are bodyguards famous? I didn't know what to do so I just waved. I only had to stand there for a few minutes and then I went back to stand by my dad. "You knew they were gonna do that?" I asked accusingly. He laughed and nodded, "Niall came and talked to me earlier about it." I looked up at Niall on stage and shook my head laughing. 3y
  •   1d_forevaa I waited backstage as they sang their last song. They all came running backstage and tackled me to the ground, "you guys were amazing!" "Thanks love," said Harry seeing as he was the one directly on top of me. "You guys are crushing my lungs," I groaned. Suddenly they started getting pulled off me one by one and then I realized it was my dad. "Thanks Dad," I mumbled as he pulled me up and I brushed myself off. "You know, you guys are gonna be the death of me," I laughed as my breathing returned to normal. Josh came up from behind me and put me in a loose headlock, pulling me into his body. "Ewwie! You're getting your sweat all on me," I said as I pushed him off. "You don't like sweat babe?" he laughed and then he leaned into me, "because I can make you sweat," he said as his hand brushed my upper thigh. I smiled at him cheekily, visibly biting my tongue. "Don't start something you can't finish," I smirked as I walked passed him, my hand gliding over his lower abdomen. He latched onto it and pulled me back, "we're hanging out after this?" I nodded and he let go of my hand as I watched a huge smile spread across his lips. 3y

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