mr_chevy Time for that oil change. Runnin that 10w40 for that extra protection. 3y
  •   lowr_thn_u Why such a heavy weight? Just preference? 3y
  •   mr_chevy @lowr_thn_u yea I've run 1030 and 1040 in all my cars. It's what my dad did so it just kinda blended it's way into my cars 3y
  •   ak__alshaikh how do u compare RP with Mobil1 ??? any difference between them 3y
  •   mr_chevy @ak_alshaikh awhile back I read a comparison of the two RP was shown to actually be more 'slippery' and in some cases actually freed up 5 horsepower. Whether that's true or not I don't know. In my personal experience RP lasts longer. RP doesn't break down as bad as Mobil 1 in between oil changes. That's just from me and my driving style. 3y
  •   ak__alshaikh fair enough ,, cost the same or ? 3y
  •   mr_chevy @ak_alshaikh RP is almost $10/quart where as Mobil 1 is about $6/quart depending on what type of Mobil you get (high mileage, extended mileage or regular synthetic) 3y
  •   mr_chevy I would recommend Royal Purple to a friend before Mobil 1. On the same token I only use Exxon/Mobil premium gas. So it's all in your preference 3y
  •   ak__alshaikh great, thanx bro .. 3y

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