steveprentice 'Independent' Laddie 10 from Bruichladdich. Not gonna be much of this left soon... Gonna all be corporate! 3y
  •   steveprentice @smfoushee Really? Tell me more! 3y
  •   paphinide Love the photo...feeling a bit jealous though...again! 3y
  •   smfoushee @steveprentice I will, but a bit later I'm afraid, as I have clients storming the keep as I type. 3y
  •   steveprentice @smfoushee No worries mate. I'm guessing it's an Indy bottling? Either that or you've splashed out on some very expensive PC. 3y
  •   vik_cee I know I've said this before, but 'un' and 'peated' just don't belong together in my eyes 3y
  •   steveprentice @vikic lol, that made me smile. Sometimes you just have to go unpeated to better appreciate the peat! Just had a Laga DE and it was yummy! 3y
  •   jenhendry Just heard this, gutted that they've sold out to RC. Timing seems ominous too, right after the launch of the Laddie 10 :-( 3y
  •   smfoushee @steveprentice it is an Indy bottling, putting my new SMSW membership to good use I'll be sure to tag you on the pic when it arrives. 3y

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