mattcaplin our vermicomposter (scraps -> worms -> soil!) #fromwhereistand 3y
  •   mattcaplin well, it's actually more like scraps -> rotted scraps -> worms -> worm pee/numero twoop -> humus/really nice soil/beautiful organic matter -> healthy, nutritious veggies/plants 3y
  •   erisundrop This is brilliant, how does it work? Do to just move it around and use the soil underneath once it's all broken down? Is it different to a regular compost system? 3y
  •   mattcaplin @erisundrop it's basically the same as a regular compost system, but quicker and results in a more nutrient-loaded humus. also, if you have some sort of collection system in place, you can collect the liquid runoff from the worms and use it (very diluted - it's strong!) on your plants. the liquid from this bin enters directly into the soil below - I placed it on poor soil that I want to plant in come springtime :) 3y

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