bunn1es Just an FYI. If you're in #Minneapolis and see this awesome building, you're not supposed to take any photos. At least according to the armed guard I spoke to... 3y
  •   dahved @bunn1es I would venture to say that even though their policy is to not allow photos (while you are on their property), he would have had no legal leg to stand on to make you delete your photos. Check out the photographer's bill of rights. 3y
  •   benjaminedward Which is so stupid. I got stopped there as well. 3y
  •   bunn1es @benjamin__edward Happened to you too?! Didn't he know you're an IG rock star? just kidding. It is really weird. Hopefully you at least got a few in. 3y
  •   1soul2laces Sick shot, love the architecture! 3y
  •   isoart Oooh beautiful!! 3y
  •   kaibide Goooooood i really love your page and so good arquitectural pics!! 3y
  •   j4jools Fab! 3y
  •   gabriel_hernandez Superb ! 3y

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