_diala Soooo, I totally got the job I've been hoping and praying for. I start next week working on a telemetry unit. I feel like doing hand stands and backflips now. I'm so happy. Sorry I had to rejoice on instagram too 3y
  •   michellenicoloff That's so great! Congrats:) 3y
  •   _chiefsdp Followed you, follow back? 3y
  •   jessuckapow Don't ever apologize for being or sharing your happiness. ;) You should get on that handstand back flip thing and post a pic of that...why all this restraint? Congrats too, btw! 3y
  •   gotthatswing Oh man congratssss! I know a lot of the alumni from my program had trouble this year findings jobs in the hospital. Great jobbbb and good luck! :) 3y
  •   myrosylenses all around 3y
  •   mayan_s To good health , cheers ! 3y
  •   mgmerringer Congratulations! SO happy for you! Lots of great things falling into place! 3y
  •   thel_805 Nice!!! Congratulations!!! 3y

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