pandaphilia Mmm bones. Anatomy colouring makes for technicolor bodies. Now I know why it's carpal tunnel! #nerd #science #medstudent #colorful #geek 3y
  •   jesshhiikka Haha i remember those days when i used to study bones, muscles and their origin insertion action blah blahs 3y
  •   lisacng Studying on vacation?! Stop that. So why's it called carpel 3y
  •   pandaphilia @lisacng the smallest bones are called carpals and they form a tunnel where nerves and blood supply passes through 3y
  •   lisacng Ooooh! 3y
  •   mariusmzungu Did you draw this?? Im starting in september. Not good in drwawing 3y
  •   pandaphilia @mariusmzungu hahaha no I just coloured it. you won't need to draw anything and good luck! 3y

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