furfreela All the pictures from yesterday's INTERMIX #furfree protest are up on the @furfreela Facebook page. This is one of my favorite photos from the protest. Visit facebook.com/furfreelosangeles to see the rest. #furfreela @malinag @bon_bims @earthworth 4y
  •   moniquearos So bummed I couldn't make it! Hopefully next time :) 4y
  •   lonelyboyjoe So did everyone have a sign to hold? If not, what did the others do? 4y
  •   pagodalove When do you guys go on demos? 4y
  •   furfreela @joey_redomyshoe There were more than enough signs for everyone. I had more signs than people. Another big part of the protest is leafleting. I had about 300 of those made and we passed most of them out. 4y
  •   furfreela @pagodalove Not as many is the summer as fur is not in season. I plan on holding another in August, but the date is still up in the air. I can let you know when the next one is announced. 4y
  •   lonelyboyjoe Oh ok. I'm just asking now because I may participate in the future. But with me being as paranoid as I am, I would want to make sure I had something to do, rather than just stand there if you know what I mean. Thanks Amy! 4y
  •   bysandrapedersen Keep up the good work!! 3y

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