ibanezbailey Thanks for the ride @aaronbondaroff 3y
  •   olsonstuff Babe 3y
  •   ti_bird Love the Jamaica T!!!! Xxxx 3y
  •   bowie_x Otis is Adorable!! Such a cutie!!! Big love to you both xox 3y
  •   nidzi bloody hell he's such a fricken cutie!!! 3y
  •   dianasmyth What a babe!! 3y
  •   paolapeach Yeah thanks Otis I'll take a trolley ride to jamaica with u any day 3y
  •   fashawn1 Have I seriously not met that cutie! 3y
  •   ibanezbailey I know @shawnforbes ... It's crazy!!! Xx 3y

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