•   yonatanp holy shit, your filming are great man 2y
  •   minnisman @yonatanp thank you! Subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to watch our videos 2y
  •   yonatanp i promise i would do it first thing when ill get back home from the army man 2y
  •   minnisman @yonatanp ohh ok, thank you 2y
  •   yonatanp kk i just had enter to your channel and its amazing man! 2y
  •   minnisman @yonatanp nicee, thanks for watching 2y
  •   spikeishere Is there a fish eye app you have on your phone, or is this a screen grab, or what? 2y
  •   minnisman @sashaspike this is a screen grab from footage off my old camera. They do make actual fisheye lenses for the iphone 2y

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