guyswithstyle Kanye wears a $350 Phillip Lim quilted t-shirt #guyswithstyle @guysWithstyle 3y
  •   chacos012 Who the fuck spends $350 on a t shirt?! #fuckthefamous kanye can buy me a shirt and give me the receipt. I'll go shopping 3y
  •   benjidriver They both look v ordinary. Kim looks drained 3y
  •   peterszatoba Arrogant weasel 3y
  •   fever_fonzarelli Haters. If I had that money I would wear $350 t shirts and blow my nose on $50 bills lol 3y
  •   alecalecalecalecalec The shirt reminds me of toilet paper. 2y
  •   casshern_sins What a waste... But I've seen more spent on worse, as a person he's generally a douche, but as a producer he kills it! 2y
  •   msj.23 How is this a waste? The man is a millionaire yall sound crazy. To kanye that's nothing 2y
  •   lcarneal5001 Not even! This should be taken off if its supposed to be style. It's not Kanye it's that ugly shirt 2y

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