mr_brown Indonesian boatman and his coconut stash, Tanjung Pinang. Don't look at the waters below. 2y
  •   ellejuly That's like telling me not to think of pink elephants. 2y
  •   lionelliew coconut stash! jus a recommendation: visit kukup village at johor bahru. its a fishing village for relaxation frm our city lives and the water there are not filled with much rubbish :) 2y
  •   ieatishootipost Where are u standing? 2y
  •   marcelyu Where is e water? 2y
  •   leonlimyuzhi Somebody do something about this ... It must really be bad for health 2y
  •   mr_brown @ieatishootipost I was on the pier. Haha! @marcchow Indeed, where IS the water? Hahaha 2y
  •   korkutg I am sure you can walk on that water. Hulls of that sampangs should be like ice breaker. 2y
  •   deargwenny Looks like something outta Skyrim! But instead of cabbages, it is coconuts! 2y

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