theodorekaye The female lead in a Taiwanese opera troupe has a moment backstage before her performance. 4y
  •   theodorekaye For sure. Highly colorful - it was a comedy about a disabled man finding a princess wife. I find when I'm taking photos, I generally fail to fully *see* and appreciate everything around me. The photo becomes paramount. @kaliopy 4y
  •   joyce212 I love the places you go. Thank you for taking us along. 4y
  •   jessyjp But she's wearing Korean costume... 4y
  •   kaliopy Thank you! I imagine the 'theatre' backstage would be just as extraordinary as the echoes of the performance that resonates throughout. Once again, wonderful image. 4y
  •   jshphotog Very nice. 4y
  •   bungkarno Very nice indeed! 4y
  •   michmutters @_meanwhile this is a beautiful moment captured - it's like aik beng chia's images of the opera in Singapore - there is always something so compelling about capturing performance artists as they prepare before they go on stage - like watching a transformation of their normal selves to someone else :) 4y
  •   aunt_cheng beautiful! 3y

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