•   brentwooddoc The colors were worth waiting for. 3y
  •   whictee @madder_sk I sure could miss the heat, lake felt good in this 100 degree weather we had. Heat finally broke last night. 3y
  •   whictee @brentwooddoc The swim felt fantastic in this heat we had, I didn't notice the colors until after the fact! 3y
  •   judvie What an awesome colours mister! 3y
  •   whictee @judvie Thanks! 3y
  •   arbors_vitae Skinny dipping in a public lake--nice! I haven't done it in Mpls. ever . . . or have I? 3y
  •   whictee @arbors_vitae Ah, but all lakes are public! 3y
  •   arbors_vitae And rivers! 3y

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