nic_merc Why yes, I would love to have your babies! #dreamy #tomhardy #hotaccents #britsarehawt #thismeanswar 3y
  •   ninjaloulou @nic_merc Awww you so sweet!! Haven't been doing much on IG lately (or much other social media) cos I'm being a cranky pants. 3y
  •   rubyreda I hear you girl!! ;) 3y
  •   nic_merc @ninjaloulou Yep - I was like that a few months ago. All gets a bit much after a while... Hope all is well -x- @rubyreda 3y
  •   ninjaloulou Usual ups and downs were a bit more downy than normal. Getting it sorted with dr's help. Even my cat is being a cranky pants!!! I bought him a new bed today. He refuses to sit in it and chucked mental hissy fit til I put the old "throne" back and removed the offending item. 3y
  •   nic_merc It's winter man - 3y
  •   nic_merc @ninjaloulou I get seasonal depression - every time winter hits I am QUEEN cranky pants!! Hope it passes and that ur ok - hugs! And tell that kitty to be damn grateful - my kitties don't even have their own special beds... It's the couch or our beds!! 3y
  •   ninjaloulou Thanks. This has been going on a bit longer than winter, and I know I won't feel this way forever, I'm just sick of the complete disconnect I'm feeling. As for the cat, everything in my place belongs I him - it's not my bed. It belongs to his royal highness. It's not my couch. It belongs to his majesty. And that belt hanging over the wardrobe door, it's not a belt, it's the perfect set up for his highness to jump and tap it against the door of a morning which is how he likes to "wake up the slave to make breakfast" 3y
  •   nic_merc Oh poo! Well hopefully the doc can help... Nothing worse than feeling blue Oh the belt huh? How ingenious! Optimus and Willow like to bash in to the Venetian blinds to wake me up - usually around 3am so one can pee. Then 4:30am bc they need to be directed to their food bowl and then around 5:30am to tell me that they don't have any water. #owned @ninjaloulou 3y

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