•   aprilmbyers That's a little much lol and kind of scary. 2y
  •   higuy420 That's what ya call a beast hun @amh91__ 2y
  •   jonezy1976 Light weight baby !!!! 2y
  •   apostle_sjmg_204 Thats too serious 2y
  •   higuy420 Yeaa bro. That's big Ronnie Coleman. He's a savage when it comes to crushin iron @salty_204 2y
  •   apostle_sjmg_204 You gunna get that big bro!? 2y
  •   higuy420 Haha. I could never be as big as that guy. He's a savage. Check out some of his workout vids on YouTube. Blow your mind how much that guy crushes @salty_204 2y

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