mcomeiro Chris and I spent $76.32 on McDonalds a few hours ago and have been handing out burgers and fries to the homeless people of Boston since then. I feel good. #boston #northend 3y
  •   nathandowd That's great. Both the pic and the caring action on you and your friends part. 3y
  •   bittenk Great picture and gesture 3y
  •   iiamrenee_ 3y
  •   awsmali You are amazing :) 3y
  •   tferristattooer Hope u had them put Mac Sauce on those mcdoubles! they might be homeless but they deserve the best! 3y
  •   cventresca Incredibly kind & decent of you, which is incredibly rare. North end is the place I think of when I want to smile. 3y
  •   shreena_mx Seriously. There needs to be more people like you in this world. 3y
  •   drsadyaphotos Nice shot! I used to study in the Boston Public Library and I was amazed as to how many homeless people would come and go from the library seeking shelter from the cold. A few friends and I would regularly treat a few with bagels from Panera down the street. If only we could do more! Great work. 3y

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