_diala Next is Palilia Walbridge @palila, a 36 year old mom from Somona/Napa, Cali. She has always loved photography and started taking mobile photos with a Samsung cellphone which slowly attracted audience and created clients for birthdays, weddings and events. She just got an iphone less than a year ago and to be honest, what I see from her is amazing for such a short time. I know it took me a while to be able to edit photos to have consistent appealing tones as she does. I definitely invite you to take a moment and look thru her feed

That's all for this week's #followfriday. I noticed that a lot of people probably don't like these features as I tend to lose a lot of followers every Friday. It's ok. I won't stop featuring cos there are a lot of great artists/photographers out there and also people trying to be better. For now, my aim is to put my work a bit aside and highlight others. As long as you're doing good work, I'll surely find you. Thanks for the support

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