supporttimmy Like this if you're tired of all the Timmy hate. #SupportTimmy #timlincecum #lincecum #sfgiants 2y
  •   jd4519 A trade would only make things worse. The break's coming up and he'll have 3 days to learn real control. I know he can do it. 2y
  •   supporttimmy @jd4519 thank you for supporting Timmy! 2y
  •   yerhellagay I sent him a fan letter, I told him how I managed stress and being in a pot hole when I didn't get drum major for 2y
  •   yerhellagay My high school marching band. I hope love and support would help him a lot from his fans! 2y
  •   supporttimmy @aurismelly Awesome! I'm sure he will appreciate it. And thank you for supporting Timmy. :) 2y
  •   yerhellagay @supporttimmy always! 2y

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