mikejonas_ Turns out I have a scaphoid fracture that I've been riding with for for 2 months. 4y
  •   logand1999 If it was a little worse I would've had to have surgery but it was just in a cast for 5 weeks. 4y
  •   itskylewalker @mikejonas_ no I just found out two days ago. No surgery I'm just gonna chill for like 3-4 weeks it's a pretty minor fracture 4y
  •   markitbmx Get surgery I did and was Ridin and again in two weeks if you don't it will never heal 4y
  •   mikejonas_ @markitbmx that's awesome! yeah my surgeon told me about a few studies where athletes didn't take any time off after getting the screw put in and healed fine. 4y

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