ourknightlife Hey #lasvegas! Do you have a child who loves trucks? Check out Tuesdays in July with @tivolivillagelv for Touch a Truck Events! 3y
  •   hsw24 When are you going? We can meet up! 3y
  •   ourknightlife I'm thinking next week bc my mom is here and I think she'd get a kick out of Ks excitement... But I'm game to schedule a playdate another week too. He loves trucks so I don't think he would mind! 3y
  •   ourknightlife @hsw24 sorry forgot to tag you! 3y
  •   ourknightlife I just re read my comment @hsw24 I feel like I made it sound like not to meet up on Tues. you're more than welcome to meet us there if you'd like! 3y
  •   hsw24 I'll message you when we end up going in case you happen to be going then too. :) 3y
  •   mommyphotography Wow cool! 3y

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