toofs It's going to be 102° tomorrow 2y
  •   ginny_jrt Stay cool 2y
  •   toofs @ginny_jrt Thanks! He's trying probably shouldn't take him for a walk tomorrow 2y
  •   gothamkitty Ice cubes in ur water bowl 2y
  •   toofs @gothamkitty Haha we do that all the time! (glad to know we're not the only ones, some people think that's weird ) 2y
  •   gothamkitty anything is fair game in the name of coolness 2y
  •   toofs @gothamkitty True! 2y
  •   poleninja13 Oh poor Toofs! Time to hit the pool! 2y
  •   toofs @mamma_swan Yes! if only we had one! I might give him a cool bath tomorrow though. He's due for one 2y

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