•   griselming I love this 3y
  •   emptylighter @griselming thanks! This took me about 5 hours of fiddling with the drawing and 3 days of pondering, but it's going on my leg as a coverup. (calf piece over the red flower) 3y
  •   griselming Ooh the botan? 3y
  •   griselming But! It's a lively piece! And sentimental! <3. 3y
  •   emptylighter @griselming not the botan, on the outside of my leg there's a red summer lily im gonna cover. :) 3y
  •   griselming Oohhh okay! Will it cover well? Too bad reiki doesn't have the remover anymore! 3y
  •   emptylighter @griselming I've designed it so the scrolls at top will be dark and cover it for the most part, and i could spend some time covering the old ink with white if I wanted. :) I dont think it will be too much of a problem covering it. 3y
  •   griselming I want to see when it is all colored!! 3y

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