bluerico Secondary protagonist to my second novel, The Infinite Lotus, Lyle Jones. He is a ginger, so shutup! >:( He and Leno (Pronounded Lee No.) grew up at the same orphanage in Italy. He was abused until he was 8 years old, then was taken away when his parents were murdered. He was dropped off at the orphanage where he spent 9 years of his life, until he turned 17, when the calamity happened. Leno... She was there for other reasons. The other kids stayed away from her; but Lyle was the only unbiased child there, so he befriended her. At age 15, they were romantically involved (Boyfriend/ Girlfriend) and are still dating in the present time the story takes place. Lyle is a very strong, and crafty guy, who can make anything. (*cough cougj* McGyver) ((Sorry for all of the stuff around the page, had to cover up some MAJOR SPOILERS. (I write the beginning, then draw out the end. Then I figure out how to get there by filling in the middle with tragedy and angst :3)) Lotsa death!!) Anyways, hope you guys like it!! 3y

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