eyezikmichael #mosquitoes working me like a rib 2y
  •   rellirell1 Good ol fashion Louisiana Feet 2y
  •   __xoxo__ashhh Noooo my feet didn't look like that when I lived there 2y
  •   gabesdabiz Put chilie on them ! Lol 2y
  •   eyezikmichael That's them healing. Theyre also so bad cause I scratch the hell out of em. A couple of nights outside drinking and this is whatever happens. 2y
  •   eyezikmichael What happens* 2y
  •   __xoxo__ashhh One word: socks 2y
  •   eyezikmichael Yeah I started wearing jeans and boots after sundown. They we're like that on chantal but they're leaving her alone now. She's been here longer than 2y
  •   eyezikmichael Me so maybe they're gonna leave me alone too. 2y

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