dogdaygirl Heeeeere's PARKER! Our foster pup! He is a very sweet boy. He can't meet Trixie yet because he still has an upper respiratory infection, but hopefully in a few days. 3y
  •   jcost74 @littledarlingpb Wow!!! 3y
  •   3muttlycrew Happy dog! 3y
  •   dogdaygirl Thanks Ann! He's so cute and sweet and needs a ton of training. Had a pooh mess earlier tonight but that's okay. I can't wait for him to get better so he and Trix can start to meet. @baltimoregal it's funny Reuben is falling in love with him and I'm of the opinion that I want him to find his furever home with a good family. We shall see what happens lol! 3y
  •   dogdaygirl @jessnoir I got this message ^^ but not any other. Hmmmm.... Did you message me elsewhere? 3y
  •   dogdaygirl That's what I thought. I'll check when I get to the computer. @jessnoir 3y
  •   itsreise Thankyou 3y
  •   adoptapittie He's sooo cute!!! Eva had an upper respiratory too and pneumonia when I got her and mange and tummy troubles so I know all about it 3y
  •   dogdaygirl @adoptapittie he's all better now but that was a rough 10 days! Parker is AWESOME!!! And he and reuben are in love! Trixie is slowly coming around. 3y

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