•   maritahodges It is a great age! Every single thing they do is so cute, and they start really showing that they're just mini people :) 4y
  •   njcarron @maritahodges74 : Mini People is right! I'm not sure where the break was from everything baby's do is cute to intensely trying though... Maybe 2 1/2? The attitude and push on patience kicks in :) 4y
  •   njcarron @lalucette : She's an easy study for sure! :) 4y
  •   njcarron @bhir : The pace of my girls growing up is crazy! So I know they will be "big" and grown up soon! I'm always busy with personal life, and have been getting mobile work out to the public which has almost been a second job! Any hint on the "artwork" you're currently working on? Sometimes push back doesn't mean relax ;) 4y
  •   bhir Lol! No I can't relax too much but I got a reprieve at least. I'm painting (watercolor) illustrations for a children's book. No big deal. The author is self publishing. Always take time to enjoy your girls because, trust me, they will grow up fast. My kids are so big now. 4y
  •   maritahodges I think you're right about 2.5 - I was so upset to find that 3 was was more difficult than 2!! Fortunately, they still do really cute things and everything is fascinating to them. 4y
  •   nei.cruz Adorable! 4y
  •   andrepinto Cute 4y

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