mariatxi 13 rue del percebe 3y
  •   by_anaotero Estás na miña terra :) 3y
  •   by_anaotero ou non... 3y
  •   mariatxi Quasi, però non. Estem a Cantabria, que tampoc s'hi menja malament... 3y
  •   noe_mi Nyampa!!! Lleig xo delicios!!! Mmmmmmmm!!! 3y
  •   ikershaw What the hell is that? Fossilised raptor foot? 3y
  •   mariatxi They are called goose barnacles and they are as ugly as yummy. The top part is hard but the rest is like a cloth you have to rip off. The meat is inside. 3y
  •   nuria_rdguez Mmmmmmm 3y
  •   novellbcn Nen. Quina enveja. T'estan posant com el quico!!! 3y

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