jmed1988 My little cousin at #tunnelpark getting #burned and #tan 3y
  •   makeupmayhem Cuties! 3y
  •   jmed1988 @makeupmayhem thanks beautiful! 3y
  •   jmed1988 @honeybeeswag thanks! 3y
  •   enjoying_life247 Im curious what does ur tattoo mean?? @jmed1988 btw I really like it!! Its awesome..soo creative & unique 3y
  •   jmed1988 @enjoying_life247 Hey! Thanks! It's all about my family. The top part talks about my wonderful niece. The left, about my dad and the right, about my dad. The bottom part is about my sister. The middle just says I love my family in Chinese mandarin. I'm planning to do a lot more work. It's addicting!!! 3y

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